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Ashland Pacific prides itself on the ability to customize financial solutions to best fit the needs of our clients.  Regardless of your situation, we will work with you to provide a truly unique approach to Shepherding Your Wealth.

Business Owner

Business OwneR

  • Buy/Sell: You are a partner with one or more other partners, but you do not have a viable exit strategy to redeem ownership shares.
    • Consider an affordable funding vehicle to help transfer ownership shares due to death, disability or retirement through a properly structured life insurance product.
  • Key Man: You have an employee (owner, executive, manager, etc.) who is critical to your company’s success, and that person’s inability to work due to a death or disability would create an economic hardship on your business.
    • Consider an infusion of a death benefit (generally free from Federal income tax) to help weather the loss of productivity/revenue due to an unexpected death or disability of an owner, partner or key employee as the result of having a Key Man life insurance policy in-place.
  • Alternative Retirement Strategies: You already have a 401k or IRA, but want to invest more than the allotted annual maximum, or prefer a vehicle that doesn’t have as many restrictions to access your investment.
    • Consider a properly structured cash value life insurance policy to supplement your current 401ks/IRAs, without the same contribution or access restrictions.
  • Executive Retention Plans: Do you want to invest in the growth and continuation of your business to key employees, without the fear of them leaving prematurely?
    • You can help retain a valuable employee to a long-term employment commitment by entering into a mutually beneficial contractual agreement by incorporating a cash value life insurance policy.




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